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"In addition to my own two sons, who are both professional firefighter / paramedics, numerous other firefighter and police SWAT teams across the United States depend on The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ daily.  It is simply the best All-Purpose Diamond Rescue Blade available." - James Bast, president of Fire Rescue Blades, Inc.

We are honored to announce these agencies also depend on our EXTRACTOR Blades daily:

  • Fire Departments across the United States and around the world
  • The North America Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)  Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Fire Department
  • The Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Miami and West Palm Beach, and the Caribbean Strike Force Unit, San Juan, PR
  • Triple Canopy, Inc. - Worldwide Security Services (Special Force trained), Iraq
  • US Embassy - Cairo, Egypt
  • US State Department
  • Edge Energy - United Kingdom

This report was given by Captain John Curd, Riviera Beach Fire Rescue, on June 10, 2015.  It is referencing our original EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ and the new hybrid EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™. 

The original Extractor Rescue Blade™ has been one of the most versatile blades within our department. After our original purchase of The Extractor Rescue Blade™ in 2008 they have remained in service and preformed just as well as the day they were purchased. Recent forcible entry training has put the blade to the test. We conducted training over a month and each member of our department was required to make multiple cut on various materials. It is estimated that over 300 cuts were made utilizing 2 blades on materials ranging from rebar to hurricane glass were made and after 7 years and hundreds of cuts made the blades have just started to wear.
After the proven history of The Extractor Rescue Blade™ we reached out to Fire Rescue Blades and were introduced to the new hybrid version of the blade (Extractor II). When demoed the new blade preformed without flaw. Cuts were made on poured concrete cinder block, 1” Stainless steel solid pipe, wood, aluminum window framing and hurricane glass and the new blade didn’t disappoint. We have decided to stay with the Extractor series of blades and migrate to the new Extractor II as the default blade for our rotary saws based on versatility and durability.

This blade was selected by our Specifications Committee after extensive hands on testing by my department. 

We switched all of our K-12 saws over to this blade 5 years ago. We are a medium sized department, running approx. 14000 calls a year from six stations.  We use our saws often on vehicle fires, commercial and residential building fires and not to mention the large amount of training time where our saws are used.  It has been five years and we have never replaced a blade as of yet.  This product truly lives up to its reputation! Using the old style blades you were forced to change blades on scene to cut different material or I have personally witnessed a crew need to change a steel blade after cutting one commercial building roll up door.  With the Extractor Rescue Blade™ you have the versatility to cut everything with ease, speed and it never seems to wear out, all using this one blade.  Now that I have said all this, we are excited to test out the Extractor-II Rescue Blade™.  We currently have one in field testing right now and it is showing all the same qualities as the original with enhanced cutting speeds.  We are excited with the results of the field tests and are looking forward to upgrading our fleet to Extractor II real soon.  I have been in the Fire Service for 33 years and this is definitely one product that I would put my name and reputation behind.
~  Shawn R. Beckowitz  - Fire Rescue Captain

Special ‘Ops’ Blade Testimonial - Boynton Beach, FL Chief Ray Altman - August 2007

ImageIn early August, A Battalion worked a structure fire during which a garage mechanism failed due to the heat. As a result, the door came down and could not be opened. Fortunately, our fire attack team was on top of the situation. No one was in the garage when the door came down. Attempts to breach the door were complicated due to the hurricane-rated reinforcements. Eventually, an entry point was made and the garage was overhauled. There were a few lessons learned from this incident. First, a "V" pattern cut would have saved time. Secondly, the saw blades we are currently using on the K-12 saws needed to be reviewed for efficiency. 

Image On Wednesday, August 26, C Battalion firefighters Ryan Flattery, Chris Lemieux and Lt. Mike Fitzpatrick built a reusable garage door prop. The quality of the prop is top notch and reusable. A local vendor offered us a new diamond-cut saw blade to try out. The blade called the EXTRACTOR performed well by breaching the door in just seconds. The vendor claimed the blade could cut almost anything. So, being a firefighter, I brought him anything and everything that I could find: an air compressor head, a high-strength-steel I-beam and a 4" x 16" concrete block.
The results of the test were quite dramatic and we learned a great deal from it. The current blades we are using are not meant to cut I-beamsThe EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade cut the beam very efficiently. Our current blade cut the concrete block in 1 minute and 50 seconds. The EXTRACTOR Blade cut through the block in just 12 seconds. Chief Carter has the blades on all the departments saws.

~Division Chief Ray Altman

Update: Boynton Beach Fire Rescue now has The EXTRACTOR Rescue Bladeon all rescue saws thanks to Chief Ray Carter & Division Chief Ray Altman.

You will not find Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. high-quality high-tech blades at Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's or Walmart.
Here's why the professionals select The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ first!

  1. The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade series has been put through the harshest of tests across the United States and met and exceeded all expectations of every Fire Department and Police SWAT team that has ever tested it.   
  2. The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade has never been outperformed by another all-purpose diamond blade.  Ever! 
  3. To date, there has never been a report of The EXTRACTOR Rescue Blade™ failure while being tested or in an actual emergency situation.   
  • Fire Rescue Blades, Inc. has made its #1 priority to keep the prices of our high-tech high-quality blade extremely affordable to all Fire Departments and SWAT teams.  View Sale Specials.

Bottom Line: The EXTRACTOR Rescue™ is a true All-Purpose diamond rescue blade.  It provides phenomenal versatility, durability, unbelievably fast cutting speed and exceptional long blade life.  It's fantastic for vehicle extractions, breaching reenforced concrete and block walls with steel rebar, cutting steel roll-up doors, security bars, roof ventilation, cutting truck bodies, shipping container, ship doors, boats, block, brick, concrete tilt walls, hurricane glass, security glass, plywood and metal roofing, 2X4s and much more. You can count on getting the cutting done extremely fast without the worry of having a blade failure. Ask any of the departments below.

Here are just a few testimonials from across the country:

 FLORIDA, Chris Coons - Division Chief "The cost difference in the two blades was unknown to the testers in a value comparison. For overall speed, reliability, wear usage and ability to penetrate and cut, it is the opinion of the testers that the EXTRACTOR blade is the hands-down top performer. The blade produces less noise, less by-product shrapnel, and cuts through a wider range of materials than the other Demolition blade. The EXTRACTOR blade was put through a barrage of materials and showed no obvious usage wear or damage. It is the consensus of the testing group that having just this blade on a K12 saw would give the operator more flexibility to cut through given obstacles in a much faster and safer manner.  This blade could replace the multiple blades that we currently stock and serve as a true multipurpose blade."

FLORIDA, Boca Raton, BT Chief - Special Ops    "We not only have the EXTRACTOR diamond blades on our K-12 rescue saws in Special Operations, our whole fire department uses them on a wide variety of Husqvarna / Partner / K-12 rescue saws from the K-750 to K-960.   Our mechanics use the 2" and 3" EXTRACTOR blades on die grinders, the 4" and 4.5"  EXTRACTOR Blades on angle grinders, and the 12" and 14" EXTRACTOR Blades on an electric chop saw. From the 16" diameter to smallest sizes, the EXTRACTOR series All-Purpose Diamond Blade are the best we've ever used.”

FLORIDA, Delray Beach, Division Chief EXTRACTOR Blade is in service on every K-12, Husqvarna / Partner gas cutoff rescue saw in the department. “The only problem I see with your EXTRACTOR Diamond Rescue Blade is the darn thing doesn't seem to ever want to wear out! So with the long blade life it has, your reorders might be a little slow coming. It's really an awesome all-purpose rescue blade. Thanks."    

FLORIDA, Greenacres, Chief  The EXTRACTOR Diamond Blades are in service on all Husqvarna / Partner  / K-12 rescue saws.   “It's a real all-purpose rescue blade, the best we’ve ever had.  It cuts everything very fast and holds up great.  And the price is real cheap compared to others we've bought that didn't hold up and didn't cut nearly as fast. Great blade."   

MICHIGAN, Masters of Mayhem - Russ Oakley  "When we first got the blade and tried to cut steel, we noticed it took a fair amount of force to cut through the steel (mostly 1/8" wall rectangular tubing in various dimensions). We also observed that the blade cut through the metal, leaving a burr that has to be ground off. However, we really liked the fact that the blade is stiff enough to get nice mitered cuts, so we have continued to use it. That said, we have about 75-100 cuts on the blade, and I swear it is getting sharper. It cuts better now than when it was new.  It still leaves a burr to grind, but now the burr is only about 1/3 the size and thickness.  We have even cut some hardened bar stock. I was looking for a blade that would give us clean cuts and nice mitered corners. We have tried other "metal cutting blades"  that are more expensive, and they gave us nice mitered cuts for about 10 cuts and that's it. Our cost per cut using your blade is far less expensive than anything else we have tried. You sold us on the longevity and stability of the blade. Maybe the small burrs will totally disappear if we keep using it."

FLORIDA, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue  One of the largest fire departments in Florida. After significant testing, they selected the EXTRACTOR.  “Our fire department tests a lot of diamond blades. Our firefighters put the EXTRACTOR Blade through the ringer with the harshest of tests. It met our specifications, outperformed the competition and won the bid!”

INDIANA, Northern Indiana Fire Training Center, Clark County Fire District, Division Chief Mike Park  The EXTRACTOR Diamond Blade is in service on all rescue saws. “We had to respond to a very bad accident on the interstate the day before we were to begin our training class with a group of fifty firefighters from the Midwest. The accident was one of the worst I've seen. We had to extricate five bodies from a mutilated pickup truck rear-ended by a tractor trailer and crushed into the rear of a semi trailer. We used the EXTRACTOR Blade and did a lot of cutting at the scene. It was a very sad situation. The next day during our training sessions, we used the same saw and EXTRACTOR Blade that we used at the accident. Fifty firefighters each made several cuts with that same EXTRACTOR Blade, and it never failed. In fact, it's still in service now. It's a phenomenal blade."

CALIFORNIA, Fremont Fire Department, Capt. Vic Taugher  EXTRACTOR Blades are in service on the fire department's Stihl and Husqvarna rescue saws  “The EXTRACTOR Diamond Blade sells itself. Once a firefighter cuts something and experiences its quality and high performance, it's a done deal. The low price made it easy for our department to make the switch. It's an awesome blade at a great price."

WASHINGTON, Vancouver, Capt. Scott Reamer or FF Rich Renne   EXTRACTOR blades in service. “We tried numerous so called all purpose blades, this is the first one that really is one.  Awesome blade!"

SAN JUAN, PR,  Homeland Security - Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement - Caribbean Strike Force Unit - (ICE) They use the 16” diameter EXTRACTOR Diamond Blades on their K-1250 Husqvarna / K-12 gas cutoff saws. Special agent said, "The best diamond blade we could find. It cuts everything, and cuts it very fast! I expected to have to pay twice as much as I paid for your 16" diameter EXTRACTOR Blades.  Your prices are more than excellent for such a high-quality diamond blade, especially one that delivers such outstanding performance."

FLORIDA, Martin County Fire Rescue, Division Chief  EXTRACTOR Blades in service on all rescue saws. “We cut everything and the EXTRACTOR Diamond Blade performed just as advertised. It cut wood, 1/4" steel, security glass and a bunch of other stuff flawlessly. We were pleasantly surprised how the EXTRACTOR Blade sold itself to us. It's the best all-purpose blade we've tested." 

FLORIDA, Town of Palm Beach,  Captain  & Division Chief  The EXTRACTOR All-Purpose Diamond Blade is in service on all Husqvarna / Partner /  K-12  and Stihl gas cutoff rescue saws and the 28-volt angle grinders. “We've found the 12", 14" and 16" EXTRACTOR Diamond Blades to be outstanding, the best we've tested.  And the same goes for the 4" and 4.5" sizes we use on our Milwaukee 28-volt angle grinders for the small jobs: cutting locks, chain, dead bolts, security bars. And, they cut hurricane glass and security glass like butter, just like the larger EXTRACTOR Blades do. They're really outstanding blades."

FLORIDA, West Palm Beach,  Training Officer Testing New Equipment EXTRACTOR Blades in service.  A lieutenant reports, "Man, this is one heck-of-a good all-purpose rescue blade! We got a call to a TGIF Friday's fire and had to cut through five layers of roofing material to breach the roof and drop into the kitchen. There we had to cut through a heavy piece of stainless steel to expose a fire in the wall caused by an electrical short. The EXTRACTOR Blade on our Partner saw cut it all like butter, saving us a tremendous amount of time. It's definitely my blade of choice."

FLORIDA, Broward County, Captain - Firefighter and Academy Training Officer  After the EXTRACTOR cut various materials, the captain's  message to one of the BT Chiefs:  “I believe I may have just seen the best blade I’ve seen in my entire career. It cut everything, and I mean everything! I believe we should consider getting this blade."

FLORIDA, Miami - Captain  After his men tested the EXTRACTOR Blade. He said, “The EXTRACTOR diamond blade is without a doubt the best buy. It performed as good as my best blade, which cost us almost twice as much, and it even outperformed my best blade in some areas. It's definitely the best value for an all-purpose blade."  

VERMONT, South Burlington Fire Rescue - Craig Rounds  "When the new budget year hits July 1, I want to buy two more blades just like last time so we have backups. An extractor and a roof ripper, I believe their 12 inch. We have all been very impressed with performance. Best blades I've ever seen. I may also be interested in an angle grinder extractor as well.” 

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The EXTRACTOR-II Rescue Blade™ is engineered with durability and versatility in mind. The heart of the blade is a steel core with high quality industrial cutting diamonds vacuum-brazed to the edge.

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Special Combination Package includes 14" diameter EXTRACTOR™ All-Purpose Diamond Rescue Blade. It cuts everything fast! Special Discount Sale Price $1598.99 FOB Delray Beach, Florida.  While they last!  Read more or see Testimonials.

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